When the healthy fear escalates to phobia or full blown paranoia, the person may need to seek outside help. Phobias & paranoia are very scary for the person who has them…an analogy to this might be “the bad tooth”. The cavity gets worse & worse until it causes much pain. No home remedy will help. It needs to be pulled. How would one go about pulling their own tooth? Outside help is required…same with UNhealthy fear. Outside help is required. Everone has varying degrees of fear…a person is never alone in that aspect. Its how we deal with our fears that differs…

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Under my smile and excitement for crochet lies an undeniable fear. I used to listen to my grandmother comment about how bad life was getting.

The 6 o’clock news wasn’t an information session but an hour long real life horror story.I believe in many ways, her watching that at 6pm and then followed by the 11 pm news each day assisted her to be afraid to leave the house. It made her well-informed but then she would look at others with skepticism and judgement without founded knowledge.

Two reasons why I don’t have Real TV boils down to 2 things. Sometimes ignorance is bliss and not knowing what is happening around me doesn’t make me live life in fear. Maybe, just maybe I am more like my grandmother than I realize.The costs of TV Services is expensive. With 100’s of TV channels, why is there nothing to watch…

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